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Adoption Wednesday – Adult Adoptees

Hey Y’all: You know I like to look at the pros and cons of everything. Eventually adopted children become adult adoptees. They are people walking among us who might feel that some part of them is missing. When they go to fill out their medical papers and are asked about their family history most of […]


Clean and Fresh Hands House Party™

Hey Y’all: Guess whos hosting a Clean and Fresh Hands House Party! MEEEEEEEEEEE So excited!Check me out… Welcome to your Clean and Fresh Hands House Party™

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How much is to much?

Hey Y’all: As a mom I ask myself this question all the time. How many skittles or M&M’s do they really need? How long should I allow them to watch television? How old should they be before I buy them a cell phone? How much is too much, how soon is too soon? When is […]

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Family First

Hey Y’all: I have a coworker who’s dad passed out on a NYC street was rushed to the emergency room with a gash on his head and internal bleeding. She told me of the saga yesterday and my first question was “why are you still here?” I know that we are in a recession and […]

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Adoption Wednesday – Older Children

Hey Y’all: This is a beautiful story….. The Thiel Family Until next time…MUAH!

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To give or not to give? That is the question!

Hey Y’all: So I’ve never been a fan of Erick’s Kindergarten teacher. She’s not what I had in mind when I was fretting about him having a male teacher. I prayed for a nurturing teacher who would be an extension of what he had in Pre-K. Ms. H is not even close. She’s not a […]

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Stay at Home Dad’s ROCK!!!!

Hey Y’all: I write a blog for my hubby’s music site where I created a ‘series’ that didn’t really take off. Well not yet any way,in the spirit of Father’s Day I thought I would share it with you. My husband is a musician, business owner and “SAHD” What’s a SAHD, MrsDeveter you might ask? […]

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Adoption Wednesday – Aging Out of Foster Care

Hey Y’all: It’s been way to long since I’ve done an Adoption Wednesday post. I was roaming the web and came across this video on YouTube about children who have been in the foster care system and aged out. This is why we need people to adopt domestically so kids don’t know what it means […]

Happy Father's Day 2010

Father’s Day Crafts and Stuff

Hey Y’all: Father’s Day is Sunday and if you haven’t gotten your stuff together yet here are some really cute ideas that will show him how much you and the children really adore him. This first one is my all time favorite from Disney Family (I’m going shopping for the goods tonight) I hope I […]

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Twin Tuesday: Underwear Madness

Hey Y’all: I haven’t posted a twin Tuesday in quite a while. I figured you might get a chuckle out of this one. Nana sent the twins some underwear the other day. Thomas and Friends for Myles and the Disney Princesses for Leah. Myles was so excited to see Thomas printed on something that he […]