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Laughter makes it all better….

Hey Y’all, I haven’t had much to post about (I lie just haven’t had the urge) but this made me laugh so hard today I had to share.Have you ever been to the site if not you need to visit whenever you are having a rough day. You’ll be cheered up instantly! Until next […]

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Def Poetry – Sonia Sanchez – Poem for Some Women

Hey Y’all, Sonia Sanchez is an African-American poet most often associated with the Black Arts Movement. She has authored over a dozen books of poetry, as well as plays and children’s books. She was a recipient of 1993 Pew Fellowships in the Arts. Born: September 9, 1934 (age 78), Birmingham Spouse: Etheridge Knight Education: Hunter […]

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Poems by My Sister…

I love to showcase the talent of my family so today I will share a couple of poems written by my beautiful sister Vanessa. She wrote these when she was a teenager and gave them all to me. When I found them in a folder this morning I thought they would be perfect for today’s poetry […]

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Open Toe Shoe Pledge

Hey Y’all, It’s that time of year again! The time when folks start taking off stocking and socks and start wearing flip flops and sandals.It’s time to make the pledge again because I saw some toes this afternoon that were in need of a little help from our friends who specialize in making ugly feet pretty! Please […]

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Poetry: Chants and Street Rhymes

Hey Y’all, I’m a Brooklyn girl and I remember doing cheers and street rhymes with my friends in front of our house in East NY and with my cousins in Jamaica Queens. We would play hand games and sing them while jumping rope. I think that Chants and Rhymes should also be celebrated this National […]

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Poem of the Day: And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Hey Y’all, Happy Birthday to Dr. Angelou.Today’s poem is written and recited by her. Until next time…MUAH!

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Happy Birthday Mommy

Hey y’all, Today is a very special day. It is the day of the birth of my mother Marian Bennett!She is a jewela treasurea friendan inspirationan encourage-ra prayer warrior/partnera confidanta cheerleaderMy Mommy!Yup I still call her Mommy.So what I’m 38 years old.She’ll forever be my Mommy, not Mom, not Mother, not Ma. Mommy! Marian Bennett […]

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Happy 5th Birthday Leah & Myles

Hey Y’all, When I found out on Oct 1, 2007 that I was pregnant with twins I think I was in shock for about a month. When I found out that one of them was a girl I was in shock and disbelief for the entire pregnancy. I remember asking the sonogram tech every time she did an […]

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Whatever Wednesday: Reality Bites!

Hey Folks, Welcome to a new edition of Whatever Wednesday. I haven’t had much to rant about (well not here anyway) so I haven’t posted a Whatever Wednesday in a while. Today however I have something I gotta get off my chest. Reality TV! It is distasteful, annoying and taking over our lives. I just […]

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MTA Poetry In Motion: Rag Time by Kevin Young

Hey Y’all, I am a New Yorker through and through and I enjoy reading the poems that the MTA selects for the Poetry in Motion program. Here is a little background and today’s poem by Kevin Young. Since 1992, when it first displayed an excerpt from Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,” MTA’s Poetry in Motion program […]