children family first michael jackson

Family First

Hey Y’all:

I have a coworker who’s dad passed out on a NYC street was rushed to the emergency room with a gash on his head and internal bleeding. She told me of the saga yesterday and my first question was “why are you still here?”

I know that we are in a recession and I also know that it’s hard to find a new job but… regardless of how your employer may react when your family is in trouble they MUST be first. I’m unclear as to when we became a society that put family on the back burner and someone elses millions on the front. Unless it’s your company which in fact is your family; FAMILY IS FIRST!

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson and no matter how many fans he had/has, how much money he made, how many cities, countries, continents he toured the only people left behind trying to figure out what to do with his estate and the life of his children is his family. So folks make sure you put your family first they are the ones who matter in the great scheme of things.

Until next time…

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