adoption wednesday adult adoptees

Adoption Wednesday – Adult Adoptees

Hey Y’all:

You know I like to look at the pros and cons of everything. Eventually adopted children become adult adoptees. They are people walking among us who might feel that some part of them is missing. When they go to fill out their medical papers and are asked about their family history most of them have no idea what to write. When they have children they have to explain to them why they don’t look like grandma or grandpa or why their cousins don’t resemble them at all. It’s a difficult balance that has to be weighted when thinking about adoption. You can’t just focus on the positive you have to think about the flip side of the issue.

I found a great article on the Child Welfare Information site on Issues Facing Adult Adoptees. Check it out along with all the other documents I’ve suggested you read if you are considering adoption.

Until next time…

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