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National Sunglasses Day: June 27th

Hey Y’all, In honor of National Sunglasses Day I share this picture of the 3 Little Brown’s with you. What do Chinese judges of the 12th century and modern poker players on TV have in common? Both groups have used sunglasses to hide the emotions in their eyes. “For centuries, Chinese judges had routinely worn […]

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Throw Back Thursday: The twins

Hey Folks, Just want to say thank you to who ever came up with posting pictures for Throwback Thursday’s. As I searched my Facebook account I came across some great pictures of my children that reminded me how far we’ve come. The below picture is of the twins sitting in their infant carriers. I don’t […]

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Summer Fun 2013 – Daddy School

Hey Y’all, Last year this time I was unemployed and the twins reaped the benefits of Mommy being home. Although I didn’t have much money I made the most of our days together with Mommy School in the morning and fun field trips in the afternoon. We visited Imagine That Children’s Museum, Turtle Back Zoo, […]

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Love/Avon Army of Women: Going Beyond a Cure

Hey Y’all, Each year, 19,000 new cases of breast cancer occur among African American women. That’s 19,000 too many. I don’t know about you but my family has been severely affected by breast cancer. Two of my aunts were taken from me way to soon due to the disease. I know that I carry the […]

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No More Juice Boxes!!!

Hey Y’all, I just read an article that made me sick to my stomach! We’ve all at some point given our children juice boxes or pouches. They are quick, easy and most times mess free. After reading the below article from ChildrensMD I have banned my children from consuming these death traps (strong words I […]

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{From The Archives} Email Etiquette Tips

Hey Y’all, According to my calendar this week is National Business Etiquette Week: 2-8  I thought it fitting to re-post something I wrote a while back after receiving a rather unprofessional email at work. This etiquette shouldn’t only be used as best business practices but for personal emails as well. 32 most important email etiquette tips: […]

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50 Rules for Dads of Daughters (Repost)

Hey Y’all, A Facebook friend shared this list from Life To Her Years and I had to share half the list with you. It’s heart warming and thought provoking. 1. Love her mom. Treat her mother with respect, honor, and a big heaping spoonful of public displays of affection. When she grows up, the odds are […]

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National Leave Work Early Day and Other Fun, Weird and Interesting June Observances

Hey Y’all, There is an interesting observance for every day and month of the year. Today June 3rd is National Leave Work Early Day (which I will be participating in) and in the coming days we’ll be celebrating National Doughnut Day. Here is a full list of observances by month, week and day from […]