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Happy Valentines Day

I have had the same Valentine for the past 21 years! The above song was written by him about us!I have loved this man for over half my life and will continue to Live, Overjoyed & Victorious Everyday with him. Happy Valentine’s Day Baby Until next time…MUAH!

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The Art of Deep Breathing

Hey Y’all, Today started off on a not so good foot. I woke up tired, had an annoying commute and before I could get to my desk I received a rather disturbing call. All of the above were out of my control, I could feel this being an unhappy Monday. It happens to the best […]

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Today’s Smile Pinterest Fails

I really heart MommyhasaPottyMouth… this site rocks!!!

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National African American History Month 2013

Hey Folks, Below you will find the Presidential Proclamation of National African American History Month. I realize that I’m 7 days late in sharing this proclamation but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing to celebrate this month….  — In America, we share a dream that lies at the heart of our founding:  that no matter who […]

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Whatever Wednesday: The "Ladies" Room

Hey Folks, Guys this one is for the Ladies ONLY—- I currently work on Madison Avenue, which is a  rather up scale area of New York city. Our neighbors are Channel, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Dior just to name a few. We are a few short blocks away from the beautiful grassy oasis Central Park. I’ve […]

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Today’s Smile: "You Had One Job"

Happy Friday!Found this on and had to share!