3 little browns Family Adventures

About Friday Night: NYC Museums

As a native New Yorker I never take advantage of all the access we have to culture, history and a million other reasons why people save for years to visit NYC. This past Friday however the 3 Little Brown’s, Hubby and I took advantage of our city for FREE. I always read about the great […]

mommy school

You Ready or Nah?

Am I the only parent who is not excited about school starting? I’ve seen and liked pictures on Facebook and Instagram of parents celebrating the first day of school, little ones with their new book bags, sneakers and hair dos make me smile but I’M NOT READY. It’s officially the end of summer and I’ve […]


Hello AGAIN World!

My name is Mrs. Deveter and I used the blog all the time… then life happened, jobs changed and my world was slightly flipped upside down. But on the bus heading to work the other day I decided that I wanted to blog again! I want to share my wonderful journey with the world. So […]