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Wordless Wednesday: Back to School 2013

Hey Y’all, We did it. Our children started school today! I shed a few tears but I made it through! Cannot believe all three of my little ones are in school! Until next time…MUAH!

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To give or not to give? That is the question!

Hey Y’all: So I’ve never been a fan of Erick’s Kindergarten teacher. She’s not what I had in mind when I was fretting about him having a male teacher. I prayed for a nurturing teacher who would be an extension of what he had in Pre-K. Ms. H is not even close. She’s not a […]

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Parent Teacher Confrence 2009

Hey Y’all: Yesterday was Erick’s first kindergarten Parent Teacher conference. Getting there was a struggle as I had to leave work to run home to then run around the corner with all three children and the hubby in tow! So we get to the school and Erick is elated to show us his classroom K002! […]