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14 Years and Counting: Communication is Key!

Hey Y’all: Next Tuesday marks my 14th wedding anniversary! My hubby and I have been together for almost 20 years and Lord knows I’m still in love. The #1 reason why we have been together for so long and are the best of friends is because our lines of communication are always open. We are […]


Twin Tuesday: Making of the Band

Hey Y’all: No words today just a glimpse into the fun house. // Until next time… MUAH!

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Extended School Year… Yay or Nah?

Hey Y’all: Just saw this article title on NewsOne and had to do a post — President Obama: School year must be extended by month for US students to compete with China, India I get it and I totally agree but here is my opinion. I think that if there weren’t so many breaks during […]

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Open Letter to greeting card buyers: Father’s Matter!

Dear Buyer: I walked into my neighborhood Walgreens yesterday to pick up a quick card for my husbands birthday. I was specifically looking for a card from my babies to their Dad. I walked down the aisle and saw plenty of cards for mom, mommy, grandma, Nana (in English and Spanish) but I was hard […]

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OGS: Obsessive Grandmother Syndrome

Hey Y’all: I am extremely blessed and I know it. My mother is the best Nana in the world; as you know she fully potty trained all three of my children, took care of them during the summer and is connected to them like I could never imagine. My mother in law loves her grandchildren […]

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Silly Nuggets

Hey Y’all: What is the #1 fast food restaurant that children automatically recognize? McDonald’s – who could pass by the huge arches and funny looking clown! Not me when I was 2 and certainly not my three little Brown’s. On any given out and about day my kiddies will announce that they are hungry, as […]

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Adoption Wednesday: Alternatives

Hey Y’all: So everyone isn’t cut out to be a parent. Fine. You don’t want to adopt and child or even a pet here are some other options to adoption that will help those less fortunate then you and cause you to feel good. Adopt a Class or a School – People who adopt a […]

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Back to School Business

Hey Y’all: I took some time today to download the school calendar for the year and I’m a little perturbed. Why I ask do our children start school on a Wednesday and then they are off for Thursday and Friday? Is it me or is that just dumb? Why not just start school the first […]