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Women’s History Month: Dr. Maya Angelou

Hey Y’all: As my final post for Women’s History Month I would like to celebrate Dr. Maya Angelou. I recently re-read “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” and fell in love with Dr. Angelou all over again. Once I read something by an author I go on a quest to find something recent that […]

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The Nana Effect

Hey Y’all: My oldest son Erick is in love with my mother. From the day he was born he has looked at her like she was something good to eat. It didn’t help any when she introduced him to his first taste of sweet potato, which she of course shared on her finger. At five […]

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Twin Tuesday: Happy Birthday

Hey Y’all: Sunday, April 4th marks the 2nd birthday of Leah and Myles. As I type this I’m really in awe. I cannot believe that just 3 short years ago I called my mom and told her that we were having twins. Then 34 weeks later I called her the Tuesday before they were born […]

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VACATION: Cali here we come…

Hey Y’all: While watching NickJr last night a song came on about going on a trip. Erick asked me if we went on vacation yet and I told him no, but we are going on vacation in April. “where mommy” he asked“to California” I said“California that’s great” he said“where’s California?” he then asked He was […]

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Womens History Month: A Little Romance

Hey Y’all: Women’s History Month is quickly coming to an end. I hope that you have celebrated the women in your life who have been influential in who you are today. As my next to the last post in honor of women I’d like to celebrate a romance author!Honey Women DOMINATE this genre of literature… […]

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Childhood Illness: You’ll Never Guess this One!

Hey Y’all: I’ve learned something over the past week. Measles, mumps and chickenpox are all very easy to detect but Scarlet Fever is not! My oldest has scarlet fever! I know it’s not 1810 it’s 2010 and scarlet fever is still a childhood illness that children are capable of contracting. Scarlet Fever is a type […]

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Work/Life Balance My List

Hey Y’all: I am a working mom. I love and appreciate stay at home moms but working outside the home is a choice that I made out of necessity and desire. Necessity because my husband owns his own business without health benefits and desire because I always wanted to be a part of corporate America […]

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Womens History: African American Christian Authors

Hey Y’all: In continuation of my tribute to women authors today I would like to celebrate African American Christian Authors. For the past five years or so I’ve been involved with multiple book clubs. The latest was one that I started with the help of my Sister. Although Queens With Purpose is a great idea […]

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Twin Tuesday: Potty Time… Part Deux!

Hey Y’all: The potty’s are in house! They totally get the concept (especially the wiping) but want to sit on them fully clothed. Now what???? HELP!!!! Please excuse Leah’s hair do…. we had just taken out her rubberbands. That’s my mom and hubby you hear in the background. Enjoy! Until next time…MUAH! Related Blog

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Monday Madness: What you do doesn’t only effect you!

Hey y’all: Hope you had a wonderful weekend – those of us in the Northeast experienced some rather rough weather conditions and I hope that all my readers are doing well. This morning on my way to work I was held up in traffic because someone in a rush decided to make an illegal turn […]