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10 Things you should NOT share or ask on social networks

I wrote this post a few years ago and with all that’s happening in the news I thought this was a good one to re-share (and update of course) , the old post made a reference to MySpace¬†and #5 said we shouldn’t share photos of our food, but I wrote that post in 2011, what […]

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{From the Archives} Suicide Watch…

In recognition of suicide awareness month I am reposting this post from 2013. Here are some signs of depression that may lead to suicide. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness Loss of interest in daily activities Loss of appetite or binge eating Sleep changes (insomnia or over sleeping) Loss of energy or fatigued Self loathing (putting […]

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Adoption Wednesday: Lemn Sissay: A Child of the state

Hi all, I know it’s been a LONG time but a friend shared this Ted Talk with me and I had to share on this Adoption Wednesday. I never thought about all the famous figures we have watched and read for many many years who were either adopted, looked after or fostered by people. “Literature […]

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Everything is AWESOME!

Hey Y’all, My self induced hiatus is over!! I’m back and so ready to share. It has been snowing here in NYC on and off for the past month. 2014 has had a weather system like never before, from the super duper cold to the crazy snow it’s been quite interesting. But …EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! […]

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Say, NO MORE! to Domestic Violence

Hey y’all, October is full of awareness! Yesterday I posted about Breast Cancer and today I post about Domestic Violence Awareness! Did you know…One in three women (30%) report being a victim of domestic violence; one in five women (20%) report being a victim of sexual assault. 60% of Americans, 15 years of age or […]

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We Did It! Hooray!!!!

Hey y’all, As of 2:50 pm this afternoon 9/20 we have completed 2 full weeks of school!!!! We survived back to school night, Myles is his class Mayor, Leah has a boyfriend (a boy that’s a friend) and Erick has been wearing his glasses consistently and got an 85% on his first test AND he […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Back to School 2013

Hey Y’all, We did it. Our children started school today! I shed a few tears but I made it through! Cannot believe all three of my little ones are in school! Until next time…MUAH!

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Back To School Fashion (CRISIS)

Hey Y’all, Why oh why can’t everybody make their children wear uniforms? I know I wrote about trying to get Erick to wear uniforms to school when it wasn’t a rule but now I have three little people to send off to school and I can’t figure out what they should wear. I want my […]

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STRANGER DANGER: What would your child do?

Hey Y’all: We have had the stranger danger talk with our children. Don’t go with strangers, don’t talk to strangers etc. but if you take a look at this video let me know what you think your children might do when a cute dog and a ‘safe’ looking man is involved. Baby my heart […]

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5 Must Do’s with Your Girlfriends (sister friends, gal pals, bff’s etc)

Hey Y’all Today is National Girlfriend’s Day.Girlfriends or sister friends as I refer to mine; are the women you can always depend on. Whether you call on them to share exciting news, need a shoulder to cry on, someone to pray with, hang out, babysit etc. a true Girlfriend has your back! I recently lost […]