CA Adventure: Day out with Thomas

Hey Y’all: Ok this is my last post about vacation. I tried to drag it out as long as possible LOL…. enjoy If you are a boy mom chances are you know who Thomas, Percy, Edward, James, Douglas, Spencer, Sir Toppham Hat, Emily, Gordon, Toby and countless others who hang out on the Island of […]

CA Adventure LegoLand

CA Adventure: LegoLand

Hey Y’all: If you’ve never been to LegoLand in Carlsbad, CA you don’t know what you are missing. It amazed me to see what creative minds could do with the tiny plastic bricks! Thankfully unlike Disney our day wasn’t rainy although it was a little chilly we still had so much fun. Lego Land is […]

Disneyland 2010

CA Adventure: Disneyland

Hey Y’all: Our trip to Disneyland was the first for the twins and Erick and unfortunately it was one rainy day! We made the most of it though. Because the children are so small we couldn’t go on Space Mountain or any of the other roller coasters and rides that require a certain height. So […]

Lawrence Welk Resorts

CA Adventure: Lawrence Welk Resorts

Hey Y’all: Thanks to our very good friends Johnny and Terri Turco we had the awesome privilege of spending a full week at the beautiful Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido, CA. The Welk Resorts is about 35 mins from San Diego and is absolutely gorgeous! It is a time share situation tucked away in a […]

california delta vacation

Back from another Fab Journey…

Hey Y’all: I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s because I was off on another fab journey with the Brown Crew! We had an absolute blast in California but honey I have plenty to share with you. I’ll give it to you in small bite sized pieces. Lets start with travel…If […]

communication internet talking

Unable to connect

Hey Y’all: The Internet at work was down for about an hour or two today. It was very interesting to walk around the office and hear everyone talking. We communicated today like our parents did back in the day. We spoke about earthquakes and the end of the world. Train commutes and our families. People […]

Earth Day Living Green

Earth Day 2010

Hey Y’all: I am not proud to say this but I haven’t been very “Green” conscious. I try not to print as often and of course I recycle but I haven’t fully taken on green living. In celebration and preparation for Earth Day 2010 which is next Thursday 4/22 (did you know that it’s been […]

marian bennett mommy texting

Texting Mom…

Hey y’all: Sorry I’ve been so sparse in posts. I’ve been a busy little woman! Planning and executing my Mother In Laws 60th Birthday, the twins 2nd, my Mom and sisters birthday and Easter all within the same weekend caused me not to have any energy to write a thing! Thankfully I’ve found some time […]

laundromat laundry washing machine

The Laundry

Hey Y’all: I was at the laundromat last night (well really it was early this morning) and I realized that I love the washing machine!As I watched the rinse and spin cycle I thought about all the women before me who had to manually wash their clothes. I thought about the time that it took […]

autism Light it up blue

Light It Up Blue!

Hey Y’all: I am supporting my beautiful blogging sister HangingWithMrsCooper in her effort to get the word out about Autism. Last night prominent buildings across North America and the world including the Empire State Building in New York City and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada were lit up blue to raise awareness for autism […]