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Keep Your Sneakers ON!!!

Hey Y’all, Erick’s Parent Teacher conference was last week and it was successful. We were already aware that he wasn’t doing very well in math and we also know that Erick has issues with focusing, he procrastinates and often doesn’t finish his assignments in class. 3rd grade has been an up hill battle but I’m […]

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New York Cares: Winter Wishes

Hey Y’all,OK I am not in denial anymore… Christmas is quickly approaching. My children (Erick especially) have already created their massive Christmas wish lists and I’m getting on it by the end of this month! Now… there are little kids out there who don’t have mom’s and dad’s who can fulfill their Christmas wish lists. […]

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Pick Your Battles

Hey Y’all, Battle Definition: fight or struggle tenaciously to achieve or resist something. sneakers vs. sandalsjeans vs running pantsNick Jr. vs Disney Jrhealthy food vs junk food The four items above are daily battles that I have to pick between with the 3 little Brown’s. As a mother I am learning that everything isn’t worth […]

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How much is to much?

Hey Y’all: As a mom I ask myself this question all the time. How many skittles or M&M’s do they really need? How long should I allow them to watch television? How old should they be before I buy them a cell phone? How much is too much, how soon is too soon? When is […]

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Family First

Hey Y’all: I have a coworker who’s dad passed out on a NYC street was rushed to the emergency room with a gash on his head and internal bleeding. She told me of the saga yesterday and my first question was “why are you still here?” I know that we are in a recession and […]

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Adoption Wednesday – The Babies In Haiti

Hey Y’all: I know I am always talking about domestic adoption but with the earthquake in Haiti I began to think about all the children who are going to be without families. Just looking at the pictures of the littlest victims makes me so sad. So I did what I do best and that’s search the web for […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why… I SERIOUSLY dislike the MTA

Hey Y’all: I’m a New Yorker! Born, raised and still reside. I have a problem though and it’s with the MTA! It SUCKS!!!! So here is my top 10 reasons why… I seriously dislike the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority 10. Trains and buses are filthy! Between the bottles and food that’s left on the train, […]

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How many is enough?

Hey Y’all: I love children. As you know I have three beautiful ones of my own. I have four Godchildren and countless nieces, nephews and little cousins. I’m an advocate for foster and adoptive care. One day I want to own a chain of child care centers, but today readers I’d like to ask how […]