graduation kindergarten teacher appreciation

To give or not to give? That is the question!

Hey Y’all:

So I’ve never been a fan of Erick’s Kindergarten teacher. She’s not what I had in mind when I was fretting about him having a male teacher. I prayed for a nurturing teacher who would be an extension of what he had in Pre-K.

Ms. H is not even close. She’s not a good communicator, she’s not approachable and she’s inconsistent. Erick has certainly learned this year but not on the level I believe he should have. Much of the homework he received in this Kindergarten class he already completed in Pre-K, so we had to do a lot of supplementing.

All of that is neither here nor there since we are a few days away from his Kindergarten graduation – that he doesn’t even get to wear a cap and gown for! dang on NYC budget cuts!!! – based on how I feel about this teacher do we give her a gift regardless?

I created a photo book (hardcover, thank you very much) for his Pre-K teacher and Para teacher. The pictures were of Erick’s first year in school, his 4th birthday party, a poetry slam they put on in his classroom etc. I cried at his stepping up ceremony, not just because my baby is growing up but also because I really liked his teachers and was sad that he couldn’t stay with them and his classmates forever. This year I think I’ll only cry because my baby is growing up!

Is it just the right thing to do? I mean he did spend more time with her this year then he did with me but I’m just saying… there will be no love lost when he moves on to 1st grade. What do I do????

What are you gifting your child’s teacher this year?

Until next time…


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