Call Me Cover Girl

… I never thought that I would end up being the first POC on the cover!

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Educate Yourself

Just because you have the natural ability to do something well, there are still things to learn.

New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Brooklyn Nites

Each song on the album is named after a section of our beloved NYC borough BROOKLYN! Currently my favorite track is Coney Island Sunset, for obvious reasons (iykyk)!

Small Business

8 Ways To Support Small Business Owners

According to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. during 2020 — the highest total on record.

about me authors

I Wrote A Book!

I thought I would work my way up and become a book editor. For whatever reason, that wasn’t what I ended up doing. Life takes so many different turns and hopes and dreams change. My love for books however has never changed.

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2022 Word of the Year!

Positive is often the word we don’t want to hear especially in this new world we are living in. If you receive a positive test result that’s a bad thing.

a mother's hands grandma

Grandma’s Hands

We are blessed and in this season I’m so thankful for Grandma Bertha Brown. Thankful that she trusts me to take care of her. I pray that when I’m older my children will be kind to me.

domestic violence domestic violence awareness

Domestic Violence Awareness – MAID

Often when we think of DV we only think about physical abuse. Domestic Violence is much broader than that.


25 Years, 25 Lessons. Mr. & Mrs. Brown

Marriage is worth it!

erick parenting school

2021/2022 School Year

Hey Y’all, I am a broken record. Every year I write a post saying that I’m not ready for back to school and this year is no different. However this year I’m not emotionally ready for the new school year because it’s my oldest son’s Sr. year! I’m not sure how time can seem so […]