Welcome to my world!

I’m Mrs. Deveter proud mom of three, wife to an AMAZING man, daughter of an incredible woman, oldest sister of nine, I’m Christian, I’m a marketer, I’m a crocheter and love to write but most importantly I love life.

I started this blog when my babies were little and made it mostly about them. Now that they are in High School and Middle School it’s time to change things up! I still call my life a journey, it has lots of downs but even more ups. I laugh at myself on a continuous bases and find that all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord (Romans 8:28)

When you stop by to read my blog you might get a little bit of everything; from rants about current event, ravings over things I think are awesome, and at time I might just inspire you.

Please come by often and visit with me!

All the best,


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