Daddy issues Happy Father's Day 2011

(Un) Resolved Daddy Issues…

Hey Y’all: This past Father’s Day weekend I started to write this post and got … well stuck. Wasn’t sure where I as headed but think I still need to post this just for the sake of ‘getting it out there”.—I know there are going to be many beautiful Father’s Day posts out there featuring […]

3 little browns barber leah myles twin tuesday twins

Twin Tuesday: Fixin’ It

Hey Folks: My daughter has a head full of beautiful locks. I love putting cute braids, beads, barrettes and bows in it. It takes a while to do but it’s always a joy. I love doing her hair so I’m sure you could image the horror when she came home yesterday and I found her […]

feet open toed shoe pledge Pedicure summer


Hey folks: I am a little late  posting this pledge since the unofficial start of the Summer is just about a month in the past. I couldn’t let the official first day of summer pass without posting the open toed shoe pledge! Ladies get your feet right before you put on those $2.50 Old Navy Flip […]

death do us part MARRIAGE

Love & Marriage…

Hey Folks: When I arrived home a few nights ago I happened upon my husband and our Sr. Landlord outside holding a very in dept conversation. My landlords wife of 42 years passed away less than 3 months ago, he was sitting on the stairs expressing to my husband how much he misses his life […]

doll baby dolls leah

Reborn Baby Dolls

Hey Folks:A friend and I were looking at pictures of the twins when they were babies; reminiscing about how cute and cuddly they were at the early stages of their lives. While looking at one of the photo’s my friend said that I should get a doll made based on a picture of Leah. Of […]