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Happy Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is HERE! Sweet potato pie, apple cider, ham, potato salad, green bean casserole (I don’t like it but I guess it’s part of the tradition) and FAMILY! I can not wait to hang out with my immediate and extended family tomorrow. I have very fond memories of Thanksgiving and hope that we will contribute […]

crayon twin tuesday

Twin Tuesday: Myles J. Brown

Hey Y’all: Welcome to another addition of Twin Tuesday. Today I’d like to chat about my bonus baby! Myles Jermaine Brown (aka Pop, Poopie Popie or Mylisie). Myles is twin B and therefore the last child within the Brown Crew or as I like to say, our bonus baby. Myles is very active and looks […]

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My Mommy….

Hey Y’all: I’m so excited! My mother is coming into town for Thanksgiving! My mom is my best friend (next to my husband of course) we speak on the phone EVERY day and have so much in common. When she decided to move to NC two years ago I was heart broken. She’s getting up […]

food free friday

If it’s Free… It’s For ME Friday’s

Hey Y’all: It’s FRIDAY!!!! T.G.I.F. is has certainly been one of those weeks. Monday: Erick got glasses – I got no sleep Tuesday: Leah messed up my dinner – I got no sleep Wednesday: The hubby had a gig – I got no sleep Thursday: Went to a great event to support a co-worker and […]

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For the "If’s" in life.

Hey Y’all: Last night I had the privilege to attend a New York Urban League Young Professionals ( financial literacy series event. The topic was “Cover Your Assets: Protecting your house, health and future.” There was a panel of three finance professionals that participated in the “living room” discussion that really got me thinking about […]

adoption wednesday foster care

Adoption Wednesday: Foster Care

Hey Y’all: Welcome to another Adoption Wednesday post. Today I’d like to talk about a path to adoption that can help a child in need. Here are some steps to take to become a Foster Parent in NYS… I’m sure the steps are similar in most states sometimes even a bit simpler. The prospective foster […]

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Twin Tuesday: Leah Simone

Hey Y’all: Miss Leah Simone (a.k.a. Missy, Mama, Missy Moo or MoonPie) is the oldest of the twins. Our first meeting was beautiful! One of my eyes were closed and so was one of hers. She was the most precious sight I’d every seen. During the pregnancy she was hidden beneath her brother os we […]



Hey Y’all: Yesterday Erick received his first pair of glasses! -His beautiful amber colored eyes are now magnified!- About a month ago he had a eye exam at school and failed! We had to find an optomologist of our own to get him officially tested and it was confirmed. He is 20/40 in one eye […]

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What will you give?

Hey Y’all:Thanksgiving is right around the corner (post about that to come) and I wanted to share something that is really near and dear to my heart. Volunteerism and community outreach! As a member of my former church my mom was the head of the Outreach program, she was instrumental in the bi weekly soup […]


Honey I locked the kids….

Hey Y’all: Yesterday was quite an eventful one for the family. My Husband locked his keys in the car, no problem we have AAA. The twins were in the car. Problem! Here is the story as it was told to me, wayyyy after the fact. My beloved and the twins were at the laundromat, the […]