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21st Century Heroes: Dr. Yvonne Noel

Hey y’all, I have found that there are three services that as I woman and DREAD having to change when I relocate. Hairdresser – it’s been over 10 years and I still can’t find one that I love as much as Linda from my old spot in Brooklyn on Nostrand Ave! Dentist – I have […]

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I’m Just Saying….

Hey Folks, I took a moment today to read through some of my blog posts and I just waned to write something to say thank you to those of you who read what I post. I realize that sometimes I take long breaks but writing this blog has been therapeutic for me in so many ways. I […]

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21st Century Heroes: My Fitness Mavens

Hey Y’all, Everyday that I look at my Facebook timeline I see an encouraging note or picture regarding weight loss. My Fitness Inspiration comes from two women, one that I’ve known since college and one that I’ve known for a short time but am no less inspired by. I consider these two women below my 21st Century […]

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21st Century Heroes: Tara Pringle Jefferson

Hey y’all, Tara Pringle Jefferson  is an inspiration to me and should be to any mother young or old out there. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Disney World in 2009 while attending a Mommy blogger conference, she is one of the women who introduced and encouraged me to blog! Tara is a “Midwestern Mama […]

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21st Century Heroes – Grandma Mudd

Hey Folks, Growing up my favorite super hero’s were girls. I like the guys but I could better identify with Wonder Woman, Shera and even Xena Warrior Princess.  They exuded femininity, but were strong and always battle ready. This month for Women’s History Month I am going to salute a few 21st Century Heroins women who are always battle […]

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Twin Tuesday: Dance Fever

Hey Y’all, I worked from home one day and had the pleasure of catching these two dancing. I cannot believe that in less then a month my babies will be 5 years old! Check out their dance moves. Until next time…MUAH!

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Happy Women’s History Month

Hey Y’all,I know it’s been a while but I wasn’t inspired to post anything over the past couple of weeks. Lots going on and even more on my mind. Through it all however God has been so good to me! This month in honor of Women’s History Month I would like to pay tribute to […]