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Stay at Home Dad’s ROCK!!!!

Hey Y’all:

I write a blog for my hubby’s music site where I created a ‘series’ that didn’t really take off. Well not yet any way,in the spirit of Father’s Day I thought I would share it with you.

My husband is a musician, business owner and “SAHD” What’s a SAHD, MrsDeveter you might ask? We’ll folks it’s a Stay at Home Dad!

Before we became parents I noticed that my talented husband who worked hard for his BA of Fine Arts in Jazz from Purchase College was miserable and seriously unhappy in corporate America, so I told him to quit his job and focus on his music. Two albums, countless tours and now three children later my husband is happy, content and producing more music then ever as a SAHD.

Since the economic downturn in the US many men are now working from home or taking on the responsibility of the primary care give for their children, while their wives work outside of the home (someone has to have insurance!) There have been many books, movies and most recently blogs written about or by stay at home dads.

I am very proud of my husband; his achievements in music and most importantly his care for our children which to me, is much better then what any nanny or day care center could provide!

B.O.N.E Entertainment is proud to support some of the greatest Musical Dads in the world. These are men who have dedicated their lives to working for themselves as musicians and taking care of their children during the day.

Over the next few weeks I would like to spotlight a few of these incredible dads with posts dedicated to them.

Today I think it’s fitting to showcase my hubby CEO of B.O.N.E. Entertainment Stix BONES.

MrsDeveter: Can you give us an example of a typical day for you?musical dad

Stix: My day is basically a 16hr day, starting at 10 a.m. thru 4 a.m. sometimes there is overtime of 2 hours. During the first 6 hours I take care of my set of 2 year old fraternal twins. Sprinkled within that job I’m answering/making business calls and working as much as I can online. Each day varies because some days the twins would like more attention than usual. This causes my business ventures to be placed on hold. At 3 p.m. my 5 year old gets out of school, then I have all three until my wife gets home from work at 7:30 p.m. Somewhere between 5 and 7 p.m. I try to get a little nap because after 8 p.m. that’s when I actually head to the studio for rehearsal for an upcoming event, or working on the things I didn’t get accomplished earlier in the day.

MrsDeveter: Phew I’m tired just hearing about your day! How do you balance all the hats you wear? Dad, Husband, Musician, CEO, Son etc.?

Stix: It is difficult but setting little tasks and trying to get them done as quickly as possible and arranging my schedule a few days ahead of time works for me. For example if I can get the emails or phone calls I have to take care of, out of the way before 3 p.m. I can have more time with the kids. If there is just something that has to get done in the afternoon I’ll prepare the kids to go with me or make arrangements for someone to watch them.

MrsDeveter: What is the most difficult thing about being a Musical Dad?

Stix: Not being as musical as I’d like to be. If I could practice my instrument at least an hour a day, it’ll keep me on my toes so to speak. If I could focus more on playing and creating I probably wouldn’t feel so drained. The business part of music take a huge toll on my time and energy.

MrsDeveter: What is the best thing about being a Musical Dad?

Stix: The best part about being a musical dad is watching my children jam to my music, it’s pretty amazing! My life is busy but fulfilling; I am doing what I love, around the people I love.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, be sure to get your copy of Groove Like This, Stix BONES debut album.

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