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Everything is AWESOME!

Hey Y’all,

My self induced hiatus is over!! I’m back and so ready to share.

It has been snowing here in NYC on and off for the past month. 2014 has had a weather system like never before, from the super duper cold to the crazy snow it’s been quite interesting.

But …

This past weekend the family and I attended a NYC screening of The Lego Movie hosted by the film was absolutely a must see. We all left the theater singing this song, over and over again.

The Lego Movie story line was excellent, casting was perfect and the 2D wasn’t hard on the eyes (sometimes I walk out of those movies with a major headache). The folks at Warner Brothers did a fabulous job not only getting the kids involved but many of the jokes were amazing for the adults that were in the audience.

My favorite character was Lord Business played by Will Ferrell. Lord Business was also known as President Business. He was the evil businessman and tyrant who wanted everything to remain the same in Lego Universe.  I won’t giveaway much information but I will say that it was a great movie and a ton of fun for the little Brown’s. When you have a free moment please check out the trailer.

Until next time…

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