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5 Must Do’s with Your Girlfriends (sister friends, gal pals, bff’s etc)

Hey Y’all

Today is National Girlfriend’s Day.
Girlfriends or sister friends as I refer to mine; are the women you can always depend on. Whether you call on them to share exciting news, need a shoulder to cry on, someone to pray with, hang out, babysit etc. a true Girlfriend has your back! I recently lost one of my girlfriends and will miss her dearly. Some of the things on this list are activities that we shared and I’ll miss doing them with her but will make sure I hang out or catch up with my living girlfriends more often.

5 Must Do’s With Your Girlfriends

Watch a chick flick. Send the kids and your honey out for a play date, call up your girls and watch the eight films I’ve listed below. You know as you watch, laugh and cry they’ll hand you tissues.

  1. The Notebook
  2. The Secret Life of Bees
  3. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (1&2)
  4. Titanic
  5. Steel Magnolias (the original)
  6. The Women of Brewster Place
  7. Waiting to Exhale 
  8. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Throw a Party. Doesn’t have to be a special occasion just a reason to get together. Throw a tea party, dress up and have a blast. Parties are always a good way to get all your friends in one place at one time. 
Go Shopping. Who doesn’t love some good retail therapy? I don’t know about you but I rearly shop for myself these days. It’s either about the kids or the house, never really for me. So going on a little shopping trip with your girlfriends might just get you into Victoria’s to pick up a secret. What might be even more fun is doing a clothes,shoe and accessory swap. Clothes Swap is a new trend and all the rage these days. Why not hold a clothes swap with your girls.Clean out your closet and accessory box of items you no longer wear bring them to one location and make the swap. It’s fun and a great way to keep money in your pocket.
Take a Road Trip. Doesn’t have to be anywhere far but a nice getaway with your friends is always a positive. Now let me caveat this… do NOT go anywhere with your freeloading friend (we all have one) make sure the girls you invite are gainfully employed and won’t have any issues with expenses. 
Capture A Memory. If you watch a chick flick together document it, if you throw that party make sure you get a picture with all your girls, going shopping snap a pic and on the road trip make sure you document the adventure! Pictures are truly worth a thousand words so make sure you have a lasting memory. 
Until next time…

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