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Back To School Fashion (CRISIS)

Hey Y’all,

Why oh why can’t everybody make their children wear uniforms? I know I wrote about trying to get Erick to wear uniforms to school when it wasn’t a rule but now I have three little people to send off to school and I can’t figure out what they should wear. I want my little ones to have their own fashion identity and not look like everyone else specially since they aren’t wearing uniforms. But if I’m not mistaken I’m sure just about every mom in the northeast will be visiting Children’s Place for their back to school fashions! Although I love their jeans I really don’t want Leah to end up having the same shirt on that her desk mate is wearing. What pray tell should a budget conscious mama do?

I know what they won’t be wearing….

What style will your kiddies sport this year?

Until next time…

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