erick leah myles

We Did It! Hooray!!!!

Hey y’all,

As of 2:50 pm this afternoon 9/20 we have completed 2 full weeks of school!!!! We survived back to school night, Myles is his class Mayor, Leah has a boyfriend (a boy that’s a friend) and Erick has been wearing his glasses consistently and got an 85% on his first test AND he signed up to play the trumpet!!!!

To say it’s been a whirlwind of activity in our house is an understatement. I am a lunch/snack packing pro now and have the cookie cutter sandwiches down to a science. I’m tired however of them eating salami sandwiches everyday so next week I think I’m going to shake their lunch bags up. Wondering how they’ll do with some friend chicken, baby carrots etc. Not sure but the sandwiches can’t continue into next week.

So grateful that we are in a great school system with small class sizes we are blessed. Hoping that your first couple weeks of school have been successful.

Until next time…

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