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21st Century Heroes – Grandma Mudd

Hey Folks,

Growing up my favorite super hero’s were girls. I like the guys but I could better identify with Wonder Woman, Shera and even Xena Warrior Princess.  They exuded femininity, but were strong and always battle ready. This month for Women’s History Month I am going to salute a few 21st Century Heroins women who are always battle ready regardless of what the issue is, raising children, fighting for causes etc. These women are my heroes.

My Godmother wrote a beautiful post about her mom a few weeks ago and that is how I’m going to start this series.

Photo: Sitting by Lake Michigan praising God for :his grace.Portrait of a General, Born into the Great Depression, married at 17 on a lonely road, fleeing an abusive father, married an abusive spouse, picked cotton for 4 cents a lb to feed 11 children, all graduated HS, most from college. She got her GED at 48, widowed at 54, suffered a stroke and fully recovered, then enrolled in Howard U, became a licensed minister, traveled the next 10 years with me, accepted into Spelman at 73, received the Possible Woman Scholarship at 74, house burned at 75, and while battling back from cancer at 77, she voted for the lst AA President. At 82…she rises to prayer…Need I look any further for a shero? PTL!

Written by Apostle Doris Wellington March 2, 2013

Until next time…

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