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21st Century Heroes: Tara Pringle Jefferson

Hey y’all,

Tara Pringle Jefferson  is an inspiration to me and should be to any mother young or old out there. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Disney World in 2009 while attending a Mommy blogger conference, she is one of the women who introduced and encouraged me to blog!

Tara is a “Midwestern Mama of two with a background in journalism and public relations. She is currently a a work-at-home self-employed woman who enjoys the fact that she has a career that didn’t exist 10 years ago.”

Tara is a blogger, author, freelance writer, copywriter and public relations consultant. She specializes in social media strategy and nonprofit communications (take a breath there is more) she is a graduate student, does speaking engagements regarding teen parenting/pregnancy, contributes articles for and other parenting outlets. Oh yeah she’s a wife and daughter too!

Tara Pringle Jefferson  is truly a 21st Century Hero.
Her blog has an amazing mission that I encourage all mom’s to connect with. In this very judgmental society we live in the YML provides young moms a voice, a place to feel like they belong. It is where Tara shares her young mom journey, it is a website designed to help young mothers everywhere make informed decisions about: Their relationships, Their education, Their career and Their parenting style. I am inspired by Tara. Please follow her blog and Like her Facebook page and I guarantee you’ll be inspired too.

Until next time…

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