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21st Century Heroes: My Fitness Mavens

Hey Y’all,

Everyday that I look at my Facebook timeline I see an encouraging note or picture regarding weight loss. My Fitness Inspiration comes from two women, one that I’ve known since college and one that I’ve known for a short time but am no less inspired by. I consider these two women below my 21st Century Fitness Heroes.

Christina McSwain is a beautiful soprano who stands in front of my church every Sunday belting out  songs, leading the congregation  in Worship and Praise.  Although I haven’t known Christina for long she is one of the young ladies who has charged my desire to get in shape. As you can tell from her before and present picture she is working hard to keep her body, not just in shape but healthy. She exercises on a daily bases and has even been interviewed by ABC 7 News about her weight loss journey and her use of Social networks to keep her accountable. One post on her Facebook wall gave me pause and that is what I’d like to share as an example of why shes a 21st Century Hero this Women’s History Month. She lives life to the fullest and embraces each day as a gift.

Ms Treya Lynch is my fitness icon!!! I’ve known Treya for 15  years (yes that long sweetie). We attended the same college. I am older than her but I admire her tenacity, will power and desire to succeed. Her Instagram posts are the ones that I enjoy seeing everyday. She posts inspirational says, work out photos, images of healthy meals she prepares for her honey and herself and before and after pictures of her body. Not only is she a fitness maven but she’s also incredibly talented. She is a student development specialist at a college in NJ,  a wonderful healthy cook, she creates some of the coolest blinged out cellphone and ipad cases I’ve ever seen AND she is a certified makeup artist! The faces she has done are amazing. This is a picture of Treya’s before midway and present self! Isn’t she beautiful?

Healthy living is a state of mind and both of these ladies take it seriously. Through their social media posts I have been inspired and decided that I’m going to do what needs to be done to get in shape. I’m taking it one day at a time and relishing in the fact that I have young women like them as role models. They are today’s 21st Century Heroes.

Until next time…

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