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21st Century Heroes: Dr. Yvonne Noel

Hey y’all,

I have found that there are three services that as I woman and DREAD having to change when I relocate.

  1. Hairdresser – it’s been over 10 years and I still can’t find one that I love as much as Linda from my old spot in Brooklyn on Nostrand Ave!
  2. Dentist – I have been with the same dentist for the past 16 years!!! We’ve been together through 4 jobs and 2 pregnancies. If my health insurance doesn’t cover him I’m willing to go out of network and pay the difference. I don’t want just any ole body digging in my mouth.
  3. OBGYN – I don’t know about you but finding the right Gynecologist is like finding the right man. Everybody can’t be down there handling my stuff!!!!
For that reason today’s 21st Century Hero is my former Gynecologist Dr. Yvonne Noel. Prior to meeting Dr. Noel (who was recommended by a dear friend, usually how those things happen) I experienced 4 miscarriages and painfully heavy monthly cycles, due to uterine fibroid’s.  It is because of God first and Dr. Noel that my husband and I are now the proud three beautiful children.
Dr. Yvonne Noel is an expert in identifying fibroid’s and ‘killing’ them!  In 2003 she did a major operation on me that removed 14 fibroid’s from my womb.She was gentle and patient. I remember prior to the myometomy as I was being prepped for surgery, she came in to say hello and encourage me. As she was walking out she kissed me on my forehand to confirm that everything would be fine.  Following the myometomy I was able to conceive and carry a pregnancy full term. She delivered my baby boy who was perfect! When I found out I was pregnant with the twins and went to the office to learn that she was no longer delivering babies I cried!

Dr. Yvonne Noel  is my 21st Century Hero.

Until next time…

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