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The Santa Issue

Hey Y’all:

The Christmas tree is decorated, lights are up at the window with snowfall as the back drop and then the question came; “Mommy, what’s Santa gonna bring me for Christmas?” Honestly folks I just looked at him and said, “I don’t know… what do you want him to bring you?” Erick didn’t say much but I was left with the question, how do I explain Santa to my son?

I am a Christian and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ more so then anything else. I don’t incorporate Santa, his Elf’s or anything of that nature into my decorating. I’ve never taken Erick to get a picture with the jolly fellow at the mall or anything of that nature, but he’s everywhere you look. How do I truly explain what Santa represents to us as a family and the fact that he’s not bringing Erick or the twins anything this year, without totally smashing my little ones dreams?

Personally I want to tell him the honest truth – there is no Santa coming to our house. He doesn’t come to any ones house during the wee hours of Christmas morning, mommy and daddy buy your gifts and place them lovingly under the tree.

I just don’t know how! So I did what any respectable mother does, when ever he asks about Santa I say “Go ask your father”

How did you are will you handle the “Santa Issue?”

Until next time…

2 replies on “The Santa Issue”

“Go Ask Your Father”. I love that. Seriously, though I remember having this conversation with my hubby before we even got married and we decided not to bring Santa into the picture. We were raised believing, but we just didn't want to raise our children with Santa. So therefore, we've told them from the door that there is no Santa. They were fine with it. I also told them, there are kids who do believe in Santa and not to ruin it for them. We celebrate Christ Birthday and they know the reason for the season. I think I'm gonna post about this and link you in as well. Thanks for the topic.


Phew… thanks MrsC for that valuable information. Hubby and I discussed it but never really settled. I never really beleived! I grew up in the projects! We didn't have a chimeny so the whole thing was lost on me LOL…


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