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Twin Tuesday: Sista Friends

Hey Y’all:

In 2000 I was employed at AOL and met a few life long friends, one of them was Nicole Perez. Nicole isn’t just my friend, she’s my Puerto Rican Sister. I was the witness at her wedding and she was one of the first people I told that I was pregnant with Erick. Now we share something that just can’t be made up. We both have twins, born 4 months to the day of one another and catch this, they are both boy girl twins and the girls were born (pull out by c-section) first!

Not sure how we have so much in common but I guess it was destiny that we are in each others life. When I found out that I was having twins I didn’t know how to tell her. I didn’t know if she was just going to be happy for me or if she was going to feel like I was stealing her thunder. It was so odd the feelings I had. When I finally told her she couldn’t have been happier for us. When we found out that we were having a boy and a girl as well I just knew she would be a little taken aback, but again she was so excited that our children would grow up together and that Jayla and Leah would be Sista friends just like their moms.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see one another that much because of the distance between us. But when we do get together; like we did for Jayla and Jayden’s 2nd birthday, it’s always fun! Her twins are way bigger then mine but they played well together and will be close friends as they get older. I can’t wait until the summer when we’ll go visit them in CT and have some pool fun!

Nicole, though all of our ups and downs I just want you to know publicly that I love you and cherish our friendship!

Well that’s the mush for the day.
Until next time…

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My sista friend, words cannot express and truly exhibit the love I have for you and your family and our beautiful relationship. I grew up thinking that every girl/woman had good close friends that they could share their lives with and I was rudely awakened most of my childhood and teenage years up til the day I met you at AOL. You have truly been my voice of reason and encouragement for quite some time and I need you to know that I never understood true sistahood until God brought you into my life and the lives of my family. Quite simply put – I love you gurl!


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