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The Wake Up Call!

Hey Y’all:

The wake up call has nothing to do with some philosophical realization or “ah ha moment” it’s really about a morning wake up call!

You already know that but I’ll say it again; I’m a married mother of three, but every morning my mother calls to wake us up! Yes, I said my mother who lives in NC calls me every morning to make sure I’m up, and not still drooling in my sleep.

Because no matter what kind of alarm I use I don’t get up. If it’s a loud alarm, I have been know to unplug it after repeatedly hitting the snooze button. I have the television set to go off in the morning and that was working for a while but then my folks on Channel 11 news just became background noise and I can ignore them. When my mom was in town for Thanksgiving she made sure I woke up for work. So when she went back home she continued by ringing the phone. She won’t hang up until someone answers. Our phone isn’t in the bedroom either so I HAVE to get up to answer it! I need someone to wake me up in the morning unless I go to sleep with something pressing on my mind.

Why is waking up such a issue you might ask. Well because my kids will not sleep in their own beds. this morning for instance I woke up at about 5:45 a.m. with Erick’s feet in my back Myles’ butt in my face and Leah pinned to my stomach! During the night I put them back in their beds at least twice. So by the time the alarm goes off or the television comes on I’m so NOT ready to get up! I’m still sleepy!

My mom’s call (or one of the babies crying) is the only way I wake up. So thank you Mommy for the daily wake up call! It really helps me get Erick to school on time and me to work at a decent hour.

Until next time…

One reply on “The Wake Up Call!”

Girl, change the channel on the tv to something annoying in the morning and make it loud with the remote in another room so you have to get up and turn it off. God Bless your mother for waking you up cause you don't want me to do it LOL.


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