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Christmas in Newtown

Their presents were wrapped with care and placed under the tree. Their stockings are no doubt stuffed and hanging on the mantel. Those goodies will never be opened by their intended recipients, and the stocking suffers will go unused. Christmas is Newtown will be very somber and my prayers will be with all the families who don’t have children bouncing on […]

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New York Cares: Winter Wishes

Hey Y’all,OK I am not in denial anymore… Christmas is quickly approaching. My children (Erick especially) have already created their massive Christmas wish lists and I’m getting on it by the end of this month! Now… there are little kids out there who don’t have mom’s and dad’s who can fulfill their Christmas wish lists. […]

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It’s December; are you ready?

Hey Y’all: I was caught off guard last Thursday when I had to flip my calendar to December.I’m not ready. Not for ChristmasNot for 2012 I’m just not ready to say 2011 is over. Not that is was that great a year but because I’m not sure what 2012 will hold. So many things have […]

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25 Days of Christmas

Hey Y’all: The countdown has begun, I know I’m a little late but the 25 Days of Christmas is here! We are just 2 and a half weeks til Christmas. I don’t know about you but I’M NOT READY. I haven’t purchased gift one but I will say that I’m excited for the holiday. Last […]

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The Candy Cane

Hey Y’all: There is no evidence that the following is true but, I find it sweet and want to share it with you as my Merry Christmas! Many years ago, a candy maker wanted to make a candy at Christmas time that would serve as a witness to his Christian faith. He wanted to incorporate […]

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The Santa Issue

Hey Y’all: The Christmas tree is decorated, lights are up at the window with snowfall as the back drop and then the question came; “Mommy, what’s Santa gonna bring me for Christmas?” Honestly folks I just looked at him and said, “I don’t know… what do you want him to bring you?” Erick didn’t say […]

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Twin Tuesday: The Christmas Tree

Hey Y’all: So we (I) finally put up the tree on Monday night! It was a task! Some of the lights didn’t work (had to call my mom in NC to figure out how to fix them), it’s an artificial tree so I have little scrapes from the branches AND as I put ornaments on […]

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Happy Shopping…

Hey Y’all: It’s not Friday but there is still Christmas shopping to be done. Hope this is a nice find for you!· 15% off using promo code HHHA9 through 12/15· 30% off $75 or more use code 2516 through 12/31· Save $25 on purchase of $75 or more. Valid till 12-31-2009. Code· […]

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A holiday getting to know you!

Hey Y’all: My Sista friend Mrs. Cooper posted this little holiday getting to know you and I figured I’d share too! What 5 items are top on your holiday wish list this year? Rest and relaxation (noting happening) A gift card from Bath & Body Works Money (what girl doesn’t want some long green?) Some […]


Tis’ The Season…

Hey Y’all: I looked at my Christmas stuff… then I quickly closed the closet door and put the box back. I’m not ready! But yesterday I figured out why…. Decorating the Christmas tree, stringing lights around the house, sending out holiday cards and even preparing for the Kwanzaa feast are all fun traditions that families […]