Working Mama: Tara Pringle Jefferson

It’s Mother’s Day week so I’ll be celebrating a few Working Mama’s in my life who are making things HAPPEN!

I’ve featured Tara previously on my site but I just LOVE this ambitious, brilliant and beautiful young woman so I’m featuring her AGAIN!!! This time I’d like to share what’s she’s doing to uplift women. Along with being the proud mommy of two amazing little people she is an author, entrepreneur and purveyor of all things awesome, self-care and motivational.

She currently has a Facebook page titled The Renaissance Suite, a peer to peer support group for women.  When I tell you every single woman that’s a part of this movement is inspirational; I mean it from the bottom of my heart.


The Renaissance Suite is an online community for women ready to experience growth in their relationships with self. We focus on self-care as a way into the discussion. Members of this group should expect daily posts and resources on relentlessly creating the life you want to live. Information on upcoming events and workshops will be posted here as well!

***Sunday – Self-care challenge for the week
***Wednesday – Midweek check-in
Group members are welcome to post their wins, questions, requests for help, and more at anytime.

Giveaways are hosted once a month and the winner is selected at random from the responses in the giveaway thread

***We don’t apologize for our feelings. So no postings that include “I’m sorry for venting” or “Sorry if this is too long.” We own how we feel and the rest of us will honor that.

***If you want to support another woman in the group but don’t quite have the words, a simple ” ” will suffice. We want to make sure people feel supported, even as we are still working through how to best help them.

*Be respectful and loving in your interactions.


Tell me that doesn’t sound like you want to be a part of? If you do please let me know and I’ll add you on Facebook.

Happy Mother’s Day Tara!!! I am so upset that I am missing this years conference but I know it’s going to be AWESOME in NOLA. I’m going to make it one of these times.



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