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2021/2022 School Year

Hey Y’all, I am a broken record. Every year I write a post saying that I’m not ready for back to school and this year is no different. However this year I’m not emotionally ready for the new school year because it’s my oldest son’s Sr. year! I’m not sure how time can seem so […]

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Hello September – Back to School

We are entering the school year unsure of almost everything.

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You Ready or Nah?

Am I the only parent who is not excited about school starting? I’ve seen and liked pictures on Facebook and Instagram of parents celebrating the first day of school, little ones with their new book bags, sneakers and hair dos make me smile but I’M NOT READY. It’s officially the end of summer and I’ve […]

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Keep Your Sneakers ON!!!

Hey Y’all, Erick’s Parent Teacher conference was last week and it was successful. We were already aware that he wasn’t doing very well in math and we also know that Erick has issues with focusing, he procrastinates and often doesn’t finish his assignments in class. 3rd grade has been an up hill battle but I’m […]

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First Day of 2012-2013 School Year!

Hey Y’all, Well we made it to September! The summer was awesome and relaxing (except for when I was rushing off to job interviews). The twins and Erick have grown, gotten smarter and are ready for their Fall adventures. The biggest adventure is Erick entering the 3rd grade!!!!! Where did the time go? I clearly […]

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The Lunchroom Altercation

Hey y’all: The other day my husband received a call from the nurse at Erick’s school stating that he had a bump and scratch on his head. He was told that the Dean would call him and fill him in on the details of the indecent. Needless to say I was a little upset hearing […]

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Parent Teacher Confrence 2009

Hey Y’all: Yesterday was Erick’s first kindergarten Parent Teacher conference. Getting there was a struggle as I had to leave work to run home to then run around the corner with all three children and the hubby in tow! So we get to the school and Erick is elated to show us his classroom K002! […]