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Happy Birthday Erick

Hey Y’all: Today is Erick’s 5th Birthday! This past weekend we celebrated with a costume party (hence the Buzz Lightyear costume) I can’t believe that five short years ago I gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy. He’s grown up so much and is so smart and self assured. Here is something I wrote […]

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Today’s "AH HA" moment!

Hey y’all: Ok so after all my little pity party having self last night I realized that I was being a really self centered somebody! My “AH HA” Moment –Here I am married to a man who is working on building an entertainment empire while being a ‘stay at home’ Dad and I’m moaning about […]


Not so Happy Birthday to me

Hey Y’all: So today is my 35th birthday! Have you ever built your self up for something but didn’t prepare for the let down? I was really excited to celebrate my big day all week long… I’m really blessed and grateful to be in the land of the living But have you ever just felt […]