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Thanksgiving 2020

This year many people are practicing social distancing (we certainly are), staying local and keeping the turkey small. It will certainly be a different experience.

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New Years Traditions

Hey Y’all: Just read a status update from a friend on facebook. She listed her menu for New Years dinner and I feel bad that I don’t hold true to the traditions in a common Southern African American household. I searched the web and my heart was warmed seeing all the soul food dishes that […]

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If it’s Free… It’s For ME Friday’s

Hey Y’all: It’s FRIDAY!!!! T.G.I.F. is has certainly been one of those weeks. Monday: Erick got glasses – I got no sleep Tuesday: Leah messed up my dinner – I got no sleep Wednesday: The hubby had a gig – I got no sleep Thursday: Went to a great event to support a co-worker and […]

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Top 10 Reason Why…

Hey Y’all: I know it’s not Thursday but during my commute into the city this morning I was inspired. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why you should NOT eat in public –Especially on public transportation!!! 10. It’s nasty 9. There are signs posted that say you shouldn’t 8. It’s messy 7. I don’t want […]