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What’s In Your Wallet?

After a WONDERFUL walk down the Coney Island boardwalk with my husband, son and Godmother I reached in my pocketbook to pull out my wallet and lo and behold it wasn’t there. Now folks we are talking about the crowded Coney Island boardwalk on a Sunday of a holiday weekend. I knew for sure that […]

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Hurricane Sandy Relief On Coney Island (where is it?)

Hey y’all, Hurricane Sandy hit home. No really it HIT home! I’m a Coney Island Brooklyn girl… born and bred. Growing up I was ALWAYS on the beach from sun up til sun down. I shared Coney Island with my¬†children¬†this summer. Not the Luna Park Coney Island but all the way down to 35th street […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Coney Island

The 3 little Brown’s on the beach.