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Gluten Free & Diabetes

Hey Y’all, If you know me you know I don’t watch reality shows, but it just so happens that I ended up watching an episode of Tia & Tamera and they were attempting to bake a gluten free cake for Tia’s baby boy’s first birthday party. I thought the episode was cute but more so […]

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Diabetes & Older Adults

Hey Y’all, More diabetes information for you…From the American Diabetes Association Diabetes disproportionately affects older adults. Approximately 25% of Americans over the age of 60 years have diabetes, and aging of the U.S. population is widely acknowledged as one of the drivers of the diabetes epidemic. Although the burden of diabetes is often described in […]

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World Diabetes Day November 14, 2012

Hey Folks, I’m all about bringing light to awareness’ that effect me and the ones I love. Type 2 Diabetes is one of them. Sugar Diabetes as most African American people call it, runs in my family on my Mom’s side.  I remember my favorite Aunt injecting insulin into the fatty tissue of her tummy every morning.  From […]

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The Truth Behind Diabetes {Infographic}

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National Diabetes: Month My Favorite Aunt

Hey Y’all: I was watching the news this morning and discovered that November is National Diabetes Awareness Month! Basketball great Earl “The Pearl” Monroe was on the show talking about his battle with Type 2 Diabetes and what he does to combat the disease. This topic got me to thinking about my favorite aunt. Auntie […]