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Thanksgiving…. Is More than Just Turkey Dinner

Hey Y’all, My co-worker reminded me yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week! I was in utter shock. I am not prepared for the holiday season. I don’t have a turkey, ham, stuffing ingredients or anything. I’m not ready… I think that over the past three weeks the uncertain weather patterns we’ve experienced in the north […]

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Hurricane Sandy Relief On Coney Island (where is it?)

Hey y’all, Hurricane Sandy hit home. No really it HIT home! I’m a Coney Island Brooklyn girl… born and bred. Growing up I was ALWAYS on the beach from sun up til sun down. I shared Coney Island with my¬†children¬†this summer. Not the Luna Park Coney Island but all the way down to 35th street […]

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Hurricane Sandy!

Hi y’all, I pray that everyone is doing ok during the aftermath of Sandy. The hurricane clean up has began and I know it’s going to take a long time for a lot of people to recover. Thankfully we weren’t hit to hard and only went without power for a short period of time. My […]