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Native American Heritage Month: Don’t Say That!

Hey Y’all, In honor of Native American Heritage month I’ve really been brushing up on my political correctness. As a new employee of Indian Country Today Media Network  which Features the world’s most comprehensive and innovative online Native news and entertainment site, serving Native and American Indian tribes nationwide. It features Native American Journalism Association award-winning writers and […]

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African Native Americans

Hey Y’all, According to my mother my Grandmother was part Blackfoot and part African American. She was born in Savanna GA to a Native American mother and African father. In honor of Native American Heritage month I had a do a little research on African Native Americans and found a great site. Created by a Eve Winddancer […]

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Native American Heritage Month

Hey Y’all: Until very recently I was ignorant about Native American’s. I don’t recall learning very much about the first American’s in school expect for the delusional Thanksgiving meal that was prepared etc. I never knew about the deaths, stolen land, wars etc that Natives endured and are still living through in this country. I never knew […]