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Happy Birthday Mommy

Hey y’all, Today is a very special day. It is the day of the birth of my mother Marian Bennett!She is a jewela treasurea friendan inspirationan encourage-ra prayer warrior/partnera confidanta cheerleaderMy Mommy!Yup I still call her Mommy.So what I’m 38 years old.She’ll forever be my Mommy, not Mom, not Mother, not Ma. Mommy! Marian Bennett […]

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Texting Mom…

Hey y’all: Sorry I’ve been so sparse in posts. I’ve been a busy little woman! Planning and executing my Mother In Laws 60th Birthday, the twins 2nd, my Mom and sisters birthday and Easter all within the same weekend caused me not to have any energy to write a thing! Thankfully I’ve found some time […]

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My Mommy….

Hey Y’all: I’m so excited! My mother is coming into town for Thanksgiving! My mom is my best friend (next to my husband of course) we speak on the phone EVERY day and have so much in common. When she decided to move to NC two years ago I was heart broken. She’s getting up […]