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You Ready or Nah?

Am I the only parent who is not excited about school starting? I’ve seen and liked pictures on Facebook and Instagram of parents celebrating the first day of school, little ones with their new book bags, sneakers and hair dos make me smile but I’M NOT READY. It’s officially the end of summer and I’ve […]

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She’s Back…

Hey Y’all: Sorry I’ve been MIA but my brain was in need of a break! I’m back and have plenty to share. Last night by beautiful big boy kissed me every so gently on my cheek and then my arm and said “Mommy I love you. You are my girlfriend.”“I love you to but I’m […]

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Texting Mom…

Hey y’all: Sorry I’ve been so sparse in posts. I’ve been a busy little woman! Planning and executing my Mother In Laws 60th Birthday, the twins 2nd, my Mom and sisters birthday and Easter all within the same weekend caused me not to have any energy to write a thing! Thankfully I’ve found some time […]

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The Nana Effect

Hey Y’all: My oldest son Erick is in love with my mother. From the day he was born he has looked at her like she was something good to eat. It didn’t help any when she introduced him to his first taste of sweet potato, which she of course shared on her finger. At five […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why… I Love Being a Mommy

Hey Y’all: I am feeling kinda nostalgic today. I found a baby picture of my almost 2 year old twins and just about cried. Have you ever looked at an old picture, heard an old song or even watched an old movie that took you back to the moment it happened? When I looked at […]

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Adoption Wednesday: The Mom Factor

Hey Y’all: This Christmas Miss Leah received her first baby doll and carriage. Her dad stared at her in awe because he couldn’t believe that his 20 month old daughter knew what to do with a baby doll. Is it just maternal instinct he kept asking me? Of course it is I told him, mommy’s […]

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Adoption Wednesday – How to Tell Your Child…

Hey Y’all: Now that you’ve decided to adopt a child, how do you explain to said little one who was adopted as an infant that they are not biologically yours? When you welcome an older child into your home this isn’t an issue, most times they know their history and who their biological family members […]

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Happy Birthday Erick

Hey Y’all: Today is Erick’s 5th Birthday! This past weekend we celebrated with a costume party (hence the Buzz Lightyear costume) I can’t believe that five short years ago I gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy. He’s grown up so much and is so smart and self assured. Here is something I wrote […]

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Adoption Wednesday – A Conversation with Marian Bennett

Hey Y’all: Finally took out some time to interview my Mom and get her answers to why she decided to become a Foster and Adoptive Mother. Now that your youngest child just turned 18 I thought I would pick your brain. Hope you have a little while for some questions that I can share with […]

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Teenagers! I’m so not ready!

Hey Y’all: My mom and I have a wonderful relationship and always have. I consider her my best friend. We speak multiple times a day giving and receiving advice, encouragement and of course a good belly laugh. Today at my dentist appointment I was told that a friends 13 year old daughter ran away from […]