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The Battle of the Beds! Round 1

Hey Y’all: I’ve talked about this on a few occasions but today I’m determined, to get my kids out of my bed. I am currently sitting at my desk with a Tiger Balm heat wrap around my neck because my three children insist upon sleeping with my husband and I. This morning I woke up […]

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I keep on falling….

Hey Y’all: I missed Twin Tuesday yesterday so I had to put a quick one up about the little ones. It’s official the twins are now toddlers, so over the holiday weekend the Hubby and I converted their cribs into toddler beds! Yay! We were really hoping that this would encourage them to sleep in […]

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Ode to my bed…

Hey Y’all: At one time you were all mine. The hubby and I could lay across you with plenty room to spare.Now my dear bed you are over crowded.There isn’t room to move around from side to sideNo room to stretch my arms wideNo room my dear bed for the rightful owners to occupy! Listen […]