chants and street rhymes oooah

Poetry: Chants and Street Rhymes

Hey Y’all,

I’m a Brooklyn girl and I remember doing cheers and street rhymes with my friends in front of our house in East NY and with my cousins in Jamaica Queens. We would play hand games and sing them while jumping rope. I think that Chants and Rhymes should also be celebrated this National Poetry Month.  I enjoyed these growing up.

Share yours in the comments section.

Ooo-ah, wanna piece of pie,
Pie too sweet, wanna piece of meat,
Meat too tough, wanna ride a bus,
Bus was full, wanna ride a bull,
Bull too fat, want your money back,
Money too green, wanna jelly bean,
Jelly bean not cooked, wanna read a book,
Book not read, wanna go to bed.
So close your eyes and count to ten,
And if you miss, start all over again.

My daughter LOVES this one.

Until next time…

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