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Whatever Wednesday: Reality Bites!

Hey Folks,

Welcome to a new edition of Whatever Wednesday. I haven’t had much to rant about (well not here anyway) so I haven’t posted a Whatever Wednesday in a while. Today however I have something I gotta get off my chest.

Reality TV! It is distasteful, annoying and taking over our lives. I just read an article from that spoke about Bravo increasing their ‘original’ programming. Why Bravo, why. Isn’t all the Housewives drama enough? Do you realize how terrible these ‘reality shows’ (they are not real people. No one ever goes to work, no ones goes to the bathroom and everybody has drama. Never once has there been an episode of one of these ‘reality shows’ that someone isn’t having a ridiculous argument or fight of some sort) are?

I got suckered into watching a few minutes of Married to Medicine and was confused the entire time. There was two women insulting one another etc and I still have no idea why. It was senseless and a waste of my valuable time.

According to TV Guide the first reality show aired in 1973 and was titled “An American Family,” a 12-episode documentary that aired on PBS in 1973. The show chronicled the everyday lives of the Loud family over a seven-month period, showing the tensions that led to the divorce of Pat and Bill Loud, as well as the life of their openly gay son Lance. This was groundbreaking television at the time.

Something like this to me is reasonable it’s a documentary of sorts. I mean I used to watch TLC shows about real people, but that reality TV is much better done and just the stories of peoples lives shown for educational, motivational or inspirational purposes. The crap that airs on Bravo, MTV and the rest of the networks is purely salacious, scandalous, ratings grabbing trash. What can one learn from an episode of Love & Hip Hop? I mean I’m sure you can learn the latest slang in the baby mama drama world but what really are these shows teaching? I honestly miss a good sitcom and kiss the feet of Shonda Rimes and Dick Wolf for continuing to give us good scripted TV. I cannot and will not fall prey to the ridiculousness of the Bravo shows…

Do you watch reality TV? Why?????

Until next time…

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