adoption wednesday alternatives

Adoption Wednesday: Alternatives

Hey Y’all:

So everyone isn’t cut out to be a parent. Fine. You don’t want to adopt and child or even a pet here are some other options to adoption that will help those less fortunate then you and cause you to feel good.

Adopt a Class or a School – People who adopt a class or school provide the additional teaching materials needed in creating the educational foundation some children are missing. Classrooms will be provided with educational materials that range from basic items to wish list items. If you can’t find an organization in your area why not start one! I found two online click here and here.

Adopt a Highway – This is perfect for business and services. It helps keep the roads clean and can get you new clients! Why not?

Adopt Wildlife – You can adopt a tiger, sea turtle and even a duck-billed platypus. No, it’s not gonna come home with you they are endangered species after all. A Gift to WWF That Helps Where It Matters Most. Show your heart and share your values. Now you can give the special people in your life the pride of knowing they are doing something special for the future.

These are just a few alternatives but the best adoption is to adopt a child. Remember to check out Adoptuskids.

Until next time…

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