extended school year president obama

Extended School Year… Yay or Nah?

Hey Y’all:

Just saw this article title on NewsOne and had to do a post — President Obama: School year must be extended by month for US students to compete with China, India

I get it and I totally agree but here is my opinion. I think that if there weren’t so many breaks during the school year there wouldn’t be a need for another month of school. In NYC the children are out of school for Midwinter recess in February and then spring break in April. This after Thanksgiving break in Nov and Winter recess in Dec. both of those I get and totally agree with but the others I don’t think are needed. A Monday off here and there should do it. Why do we take week long breaks? On another note how will this additional month be planned? What does this mean for teachers? Will they receive salary increases? Will schools be AC equiped? I think there is a lot to consider before clicking the DONE button. Just my opinion…

What do you think? Answer my homepage poll.

Until next time…

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