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Open Letter to greeting card buyers: Father’s Matter!

Dear Buyer:

I walked into my neighborhood Walgreens yesterday to pick up a quick card for my husbands birthday. I was specifically looking for a card from my babies to their Dad. I walked down the aisle and saw plenty of cards for mom, mommy, grandma, Nana (in English and Spanish) but I was hard pressed to find a card from the kids to their dad.

I was perplexed. You see I live in a neighborhood with home owners and folks with full time jobs. An area where dads drop their kids off at school and pick them up afterward. I live in an area populated with families — Mommy’s, Daddy’s and Kids! So why couldn’t I find a card for my husband from my children. I walked out of that Walgreens and thought perhaps they were just short stocked, and went to the Walgreens closer to my home.

Same story, no card from a child to their Dad. Is it your belief that we (people of African and Hispanic descent) don’t have father’s that we care to celebrate? I was reminded of a blog I recently read written by my friend Miss O and realized that I’m not the only person that is perturbed by this outright disregard for fathers in our neighborhood. It may be true that there are more single families in inner cities but to disregard the presence of a father in a child’s life is just WRONG.

My husband happens to be the primary care giver of my children. He stays home during the day with the twins while I go to work, he picks our oldest up from school and does his homework with him. He bathes them, reads to them, feeds them, spends quality time with them etc. He’s a DAD!!!! He deserves a card from his children! Of course we made three very cute handmade cards and had plenty of time doing so but it’s the principle of the situation that has me hot under the collar!

Father’s Matter Walgreens! Order more cards in the urban stores so we can celebrate them as much as we do our moms!

An upset mother!

One reply on “Open Letter to greeting card buyers: Father’s Matter!”

I get my cards from Walmart! They have every family member every color and every occasion. I blame the person doing the mass ordering for walgreens. They don't even carry a wide selection of hair products for me.


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