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Teenagers! I’m so not ready!

Hey Y’all:

My mom and I have a wonderful relationship and always have. I consider her my best friend. We speak multiple times a day giving and receiving advice, encouragement and of course a good belly laugh.

Today at my dentist appointment I was told that a friends 13 year old daughter ran away from home. Her mom and other family members spotted her but she took off running when she saw her mother! Not sure what the whole story is but it really tore at my heart.

Then I get on the train to go home and happen upon a conversation with two young ladies (high school seniors) I use the term young ladies loosely because these girls sounded like drunk sailors the way they were cursing! One of the girls was speaking (rather loudly) about her mother. Apparently she was caught jumping the turnstile and her mom wouldn’t pay her ticket. She was speaking very poorly about her mother and used this line “I’m grown, what she gonna do beat me?” I nearly said something as I heard her utter those words! She’s grown yet she needs her mom to pay her ticket, her senior dues and buy her graduation stuff (yes I know all of this based on the 20 min train ride) but yet she is disrespecting her mom with this conversation.

Grown? I’m a 35 year old married woman with three children and to Marian Bennett I will NEVER be grown! Leah is 20 months old and I pray everyday that we’ll have the same close relationship that my mom and I have. But, what do I do when my baby girl becomes a teen and I’m her mortal enemy? How will I cope?

Any of you have teens? How do you do it?

Until next time…


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