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Twin Tuesday: Twin Love

Hey Y’all:

I know it’s not Tuesday! I’ve been off since Thanksgiving but I’m going to get back into the swing of things!

So for this twin Tuesday post I have to talk about Leah and Myles’ love for one another. It’s pretty amazing how close they are but how completely different they are as well. Leah is totally the nurturer. Sometimes I say she’s Myles mommy! She just loves on him so much. If she hears him crying she’ll stop what she’s doing and say “why crying” and go find him to figure out what’s wrong. The other night we couldn’t find both pacifiers…. she had one in her mouth but he didn’t and he was whining. She looked at him, then looked at me, took her pacifier out of her mouth and gave it to him! He’d NEVER do that for her.

He will however feed her!

One morning as Erick and I were preparing to leave for the day, Myles woke up. I figured he was hungry so I set him up with some oatmeal and finished getting myself and Erick ready to head out. Well just before we were leaving Leah woke up, she walked over to Myles in his high chair said hi to him and he proceeded to feed her. I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t think about it… he just picked up his spoon got some oatmeal on it and gave it to his sister. It was just too darn cute and of course I didn’t have the camera out because I was heading out the door. They both take really good care of one another and love each other to pieces.

Twin love is pretty amazing.
Any other parents of multiples reading? Leave me your cute stories, I love to read them!

Until next time…


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